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  • Only the schema files here are an official standard source

  • Left click on element to select
  • Left click on sequence/choice to collapse or expand
  • Right click on sequence/choice to collapse or expand lower level
  • Hit Enter to go to XPath (top bar)
  • Mouse over element for annotation
  • Mouse over enumeration items for annotation
  • Mouse over Key/KeyRef for XPath
  • Click on Key/KeyRef to go to that XPath

  • Elements and attributes with a plain border are mandatory
  • Elements and attributes with a dotted border are optional
  • Attributes are in purple
  • Elements in green have a Key constraint
  • Elements in pink have a KeyRef constraint
  • Unless they have a Key/KeyRef constraint, mandatory elements are in blue
  • The selected element/attribute is highlighted in yellow


It appears this schema takes a long time to load. This is probably due to a very large number of elements. Typical loading times vary from 2 to 10 seconds, up to 30 seconds in rare cases (e.g. OrderChangeNotif). Firefox is known to be the fastest browser for the XSD Viewer.