Binter Canarias S.A.

Type Airline
Contact details H├ęctor Reboso Morales,
Original entry date 2022-08
Expiration date 2024-09
Last changed 2023-10

A detailed list of certified capabilities and messages is available here.

Capabilities Validated

Capability Group Name Versions Entry Date Confirmed live
Shop Shop for Flights 18.2 2022-08-30

Messages Verified

Version Message Effective Date
18.2 IATA_AirShoppingRQ 2022-08-30
IATA_AirShoppingRS 2022-08-30
IATA_OfferPriceRQ 2022-08-30
IATA_OfferPriceRS 2022-08-30
IATA_OrderChangeRQ 2022-08-30
IATA_OrderCreateRQ 2022-08-30
IATA_OrderViewRS 2022-08-30