Order: Notification of Airline Initiated Changes on an Order [ORDOCN]

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Definition of Capability


The airline is able to notify the Seller of the airline-initiated Order changes and receive the acknowledgement of receipt of notification from the seller.


The Seller is able to receive notification of the airline-initiated Order changes and acknowledge receipt of notification.

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Text from Notification of Airline initiated changes on an Order:

▪ An Order has been created.
▪ An airline-initiated change to the Order has occurred.

  1. The Airline notifies the Seller of the airline-initiated change to the Order and, if applicable, any follow-up actions for the Seller.

  2. The Seller acknowledges receipt of the notification.

Post Condition
Notification is received and acknowledged. Possible follow-up actions performed by Seller.
▪ Notification is not received or not acknowledged.
Relevant Messages
▪ OrderChangeNotificationRQ
▪ Acknowledgement

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