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Below you will find the videos, application forms and guidance resources for the Airline Retailing Maturity (ARM) index program.

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Learn more about the Airline Retailing Maturity (ARM) index in the videos below.

What’s next for certification?

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Zoom into Capabilities Verification

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Zoom into the Value Capture Compass

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The Airline Retail Maturity index Value Capture Compass is a 50-question survey for airlines that focuses on the strategic questions on how an airline is shifting its retail function. Instead of technology choices, this focuses on strategy, policy and organization questions airlines could address. At the end of the survey, IATA will provide respondents with a score-card of strategic maturity compared to peers and industry leaders, and offer some considerations in capturing value quickly. With support from McKinsey & Company, a strategic partner of IATA.

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Program Documents

Rise to the standard and apply for the ARM index:

Capabilities Verification Guidance

The below guidance is available to offer insight and direction on each capability available under the ARM index: Capabilities Verification.

Each capability has a definition for an Airline and a Seller. System Providers should use the definition that pertains to their customers.

There are core and variant capabilities listed below. It is generally expected that a core capability will be met before an underlying variant capability.

Capabilities Verification Guidance will always align to the published EASD Implementation Guidance. From time to time when new guidance is published, this will be updated and supersede any Capabilities Verification Guidance listed below.

For all versions prior to that listed below (generally the most recent), the verification will be based on the guidance available for that version. In the case that no guidance is available, verification will be at IATA’s discretion.