Shop: Personalize Offers Based on Passenger Type, Loyalty Programs or Other Agreements [SHPPER]

Guidance for Schema Version:


Definition of Capability


This capability allows the Airline to respond to a Seller request with a set of Offers based on frequent flyer status or type of passenger (e.g. infant, senior, military, resident, corporate, etc.)


This capability allows a Seller to request a set of Offers based on frequent flyer status or type of passenger (e.g. include infant, senior, military, resident, corporate, etc.)

NOTE: System Providers will use the above definition that pertains to their customers for Capabilities Verification.

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Retailing Capabilities Verification Guidance

For all capabilities, please also consult the list of general guidelines for adherence to best practices that span across several capabilities and messages:

Personalization involves pricing offers and/or including services depending on additional attributes of a customer, such as:

  • Passenger Types other than the traditional Adult/Child/Infant

  • Holding a Frequent Flyer account the airline or alliance partners

  • A specific tier level of their Frequent Flyer program

  • Other personal attributes of a customer, such as birthdays, number of previous flight purchases, etc.

  • Attributes of organization based on commercial agreement (such as corporate IDs)


Demonstrate ability to construct priced offers and/or different bundles of products based on parameters other than the standard “ADT/CHD/INF” Passenger Types. Submit two shopping responses, one for an anonymous ADT traveler and one with personalized pricing and/or additional services, both for the same itinerary.

Note: If your shopping requests are based on existing Orders, please also submit OrderViewRS traces to include the attributes of the passengers on which the personalization is based on.

Any one of the following message pairs x 2:

AirShoppingRQ/RS x 2

ServiceListRQ/RS x 2

SeatAvailabilityRQ/RS x 2

OfferPriceRQ/RS x 2


Demonstrate ability to pass non-standard PTCs or Loyalty Program details in shopping queries:

Any one of the following message pairs:





NOTE: For all versions prior to that listed above (generally the most recent), the verification will be based on the guidance available for that version. In the case that no guidance is available, verification will be at IATA’s discretion.