Shop: Dynamic Price Determination [SHPALG]

Guidance for Schema Version:


Definition of Capability


Utilizing science-based algorithms based on shopping context to determine a real-time calculated offer price without the need for pre-filed fares and rules.


Not applicable

NOTE: System Providers will use the above definition that pertains to their customers for Capabilities Verification.

Links to EASD Implementation Guidance

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NOTE: Retailing Capabilities Verification Guidance will align to the published EASD Implementation Guidance at all times. From time to time when new guidance is published this will be updated and supersede any Retailing Capabilities Verification Guidance listed below.

Retailing Capabilities Verification Guidance

Further information regarding dynamic offer creation can be found at the below link.


Provide documentation briefly describing how you achieve full dynamic pricing based on shopping context (e.g. customer personalization) without the need for pre-filed fares and rules.

NOTE: For all versions prior to that listed above (generally the most recent), the verification will be based on the guidance available for that version. In the case that no guidance is available, verification will be at IATA’s discretion.