Shop: Shop For or with Ancillaries [SHPANC]

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Definition of Capability


This capability allows the Airline to provide a list of available services based on Flight details and defined dates. The airline may consider additional qualifiers and context in the process of calculating the resulting offers.


This capability allows the Seller to request from an Airline a set of Services based on:

  • OfferId

  • OrderId

  • Flight Details, passenger type and defined dates (PaxSegment)

The Seller may provide additional qualifiers and context which the Airline may consider in the content of the resulting offer(s).

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Text from Shop for or with Ancillaries

▪ If the services are flight related they would need to be purchased in conjunction with a Flight service

  1. The Seller sends a shopping request with an OfferID, OrderID or PaxSegment information.

    1. The Seller may optionally provide additional qualifiers and context that the airline may consider.

      1. E.g., Corporate ID when shopping for corporate customers, Airline Taxonomy codes

  2. The Airline responds with a list of Offers according to the OfferID, OrderID or PaxSegment information.

    1. The response may include which additional qualifiers and context, if included in the request, it considered or applied to each offer (or the offers)

      1. E.g., Corporate ID when shopping for corporate customers, Airline Taxonomy codes

Post Condition
▪ Seller is in receipt of Offers for the available services.
▪ No services are returned
Relevant Messages
▪ AirShoppingRQ
▪ AirShoppingRS
▪ SeatAvailabilityRQ
▪ SeatAvailabilityRS
▪ ServiceListRQ
▪ ServiceListRS
▪ OfferPriceRQ
▪ OfferPriceRS
▪ OrderReshopRQ
▪ OrderQuoteRQ
▪ OrderReshopRS

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Retailing Capabilities Verification Guidance

Ancillary services can be provided in several steps of a shopping process, depending on an Airline’s implementation and message flow. Ancillaries are presented either as:

Ancillaries within regular Offer structures are not required to be mandatory (using the Mandatory indicator). This means the total price at the Offer level would not include these optional Offer Items. If set to mandatory (as would typically be the case with the flights within the Offer), the total price would reflect them and any other mandatory Offer Item within the Offer. Each optional ancillary Offer Item is, however, priced, which would later allow the Seller to calculate the payable amount of the mandatory items, as well as the optional ancillaries they select through OrderCreateRQ (or optionally OfferPriceRQ, if this step is required prior to Order creation).

Airlines can construct ancillary Offer Items directly via AirShoppingRQ/RS (and OrderReshopRQ/RS, in case of servicing), or separate them into the ancillary-specific message pair ServiceListRQ/ServiceListRS, depending on their implementation. Seat-related ancillaries, typically presented through the SeatAvailabilityRQ/RS message pair, are technically also A-La-Carte ancillary services which need to be selected in later steps of the shopping process and combined with their counterpart flight-related Offers (through OfferPriceRQ or OrderCreateRQ).


Demonstrate construction of ancillary Offer Items for seats and bags.

Any one of the following message pairs






Request ancillary services and present ancillaries on front end.

Minimum Requirements…

…and any one of the following message pairs

Optional Messages

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