Order: Order Status Change for Service Delivery [ORDSTS]

Guidance for Schema Version:


Definition of Capability


This capability allows the delivery system provider to send the order status update information to the airline to recognize the delivery progress of services.


Not applicable

NOTE: System Providers will use the above definition that pertains to their customers for Capabilities Verification.

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Related Concepts, Capabilities and Worked Examples:

NOTE: Retailing Capabilities Verification Guidance will align to the published EASD Implementation Guidance at all times. From time to time when new guidance is published this will be updated and supersede any Retailing Capabilities Verification Guidance listed below.

Retailing Capabilities Verification Guidance


Demonstrate the airline receiving from the Delivery Provider(s) the order delivery service status update information to recognize the delivery progress of services.

Flow of delivery service status can be referenced in the EASD Implementation Guide: https://guides.developer.iata.org/v212/docs/esd-def

XML message traces and screenshots of order management will be required for verification. Messages and screenshots should demonstrate the change of delivery service statuses and the change within the Order due to the change in delivery service status.

For capability ORDSTS, airline must demonstrate moving from READY TO PROCEED through various states including READY TO DELIVER, IN PROGRESS, etc. until reaching a final delivery service status (various ones depending on use case).

Minimum Requirements



NOTE: For all versions prior to that listed above (generally the most recent), the verification will be based on the guidance available for that version. In the case that no guidance is available, verification will be at IATA’s discretion.