Shop: Seat Map and Price Points [SHPSTP]

Guidance for Schema Version:


Definition of Capability


This capability allows an Airline to return seat map details, including price points per seat or seat range.


This capability allows the Seller to request and display seat map details, including price points per seat or seat range.

NOTE: System Providers will use the above definition that pertains to their customers for Capabilities Verification.

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Retailing Capabilities Verification Guidance

For all capabilities, please also consult the list of general guidelines for adherence to best practices that span across several capabilities and messages:

Pricing seats leverages a similar structure to that of A-La-Carte Offer Items from other messages, such as AirShoppingRS or ServiceListRS. Price points are defined as A-La-Carte Offer Items - these can then be referenced by one or more seats listed in the seat map (the seats reference the Offer Items and not the other way around).


Construct A-La-Carte Offer Items to hold price points for specific eligible passengers:

Make use of reference to Offer Items from within the instance of a seat:

Minimum Requirements



Expected screenshots of the Seller’s travel platform showing the seat map from the Seat Options capability as well as indication of prices on relevant seats of a cabin.

Minimum Requirements

User Interface Screenshots


NOTE: For all versions prior to that listed above (generally the most recent), the verification will be based on the guidance available for that version. In the case that no guidance is available, verification will be at IATA’s discretion.