Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co. KG

Type System Provider
Customer type Airline
Product name SIRAX//ONE Order; Payment Hub
Contact details SIRAX/ONE Order: Sebastian Holfert, Payment Hub: Kristian Cabanis,
Partners Deutsche Lufthansa AG, JR Technologies
Original entry date 2021-12
Expiration date 2022-03
Last changed 2021-12

A detailed list of certified capabilities and messages is available here.

Capabilities Certified

Capability Group Name Versions Entry Date Confirmed live
Account Accounting Order Sales Reporting with no tickets and EMDs 20.2, 18.2 2021-12-02
Order Status Change for Revenue Recognition 20.2, 18.2 2021-12-02
Settle Payment clearance capture and notification 20.2 2021-12-03
Payment summary management 20.2 2021-12-15
Setup Bug Tracking 2021-12-15
Online bug tracking platform 2021-12-15
Technical Support 2021-12-17
User Documentation 2022-01-10

Messages Certified

Version Message Effective Date
18.2 IATA_Ack 2021-12-02
IATA_OrderSalesInformationNotifRQ 2021-12-02
IATA_ServiceStatusChangeNotifRQ 2021-12-02
20.2 IATA_Acknowledgement 2021-12-02
IATA_OrderSalesInformationNotifRQ 2021-12-02
IATA_PaymentClearanceRQ 2021-12-03
IATA_PaymentClearanceRS 2021-12-03
IATA_PaymentClearingNotif 2021-12-15
IATA_ServiceStatusChangeNotifRQ 2021-12-02

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