Wuhan Vetech Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Type System Provider
Customer type Seller
Website http://www.vetech.cn
Product name CPS System
Contact details Zhu Guanbing, 8013@vetech.cn
Original entry date 2022-03
Expiration date 2022-08
Last changed 2022-03

A detailed list of certified capabilities and messages is available here.

Capabilities Certified

Capability Group Name Versions Entry Date Confirmed live
Order Order changes initiated by the airlines with notifications 17.2 2022-03-01
Shop Shop for flights 17.2 2022-03-01

Messages Certified

Version Message Effective Date
17.2 AirDocIssueRQ 2022-03-10
AirShoppingRQ 2022-03-01
AirShoppingRS 2022-03-01
OrderChangeNotif 2022-03-01
OrderChangeRQ 2022-03-10
OrderCreateRQ 2022-03-10
OrderReshopRQ 2022-03-10
OrderReshopRS 2022-03-10
OrderViewRS 2022-03-10