Self-Service Platform

Welcome to the Airline Retailing Maturity (ARM) index Self-Service Platform. In this platform you will be able to input capabilities, supporting documents and data for the pillars of the ARM index that are relevant to your company.

Capabilities Verification will validate your company's submitted capabilities as enabled by the IATA Enhanced and Simplified Distribution (EASD) Standards. Airlines, Sellers and System Providers can participate in Capabilities Verification.

Partnerships Deployment will assess the scalability of your company with partner connections and network reach based on data provided and confirmations by retailing partners. Airlines and Sellers can participate in Partnerships Deployment.

Value Capture Compass helps airlines assess the state of their retailing maturity in eight core dimensions that are essential for capturing the value of airline retailing. Airlines can participate in Value Capture Compass.

To begin the process of participating in the ARM index, please submit your application form (found here) to Once we have reviewed your application form we will set up the initial users in this self-service platform.

New self-service platform user: If your company is already a participant in the ARM index, please ask your ARM index champion to request you to be added as a user within the platform.

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If you do not have an IATA Customer Portal account, please create one here, then return to this page to log in to the ARM index self-service platform.

PLEASE NOTE: IATA does not validate the quality or other aspects of the Applicant’s activities or products, stand-alone or in comparison with those of other entities, nor does it validate, certify or endorse any commercial products that may be derived from the usage of EASD messages validated under the ARM index. Furthermore, by maintaining the ARM index Registry, IATA does not take any position with respect to the relative quality or other aspects of the activities or products of other entities that are not verified under the ARM index.

Please see the complete ARM index Registry Terms of Use (pdf) for important further disclaimers applicable to the designations.