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IATA is proposing a leaner procurement process for NDC Agency Portals. To support this, IATA has established a repository of vendor and product data.

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Repository Information

The repository will be accessed only by airline representatives.

  • Each airline will be able to – at its own pace and at no cost – explore the market, compare products/vendors and narrow down a list of contenders in anticipation for a more formal RFP. For this RFP phase, airlines have multiple options. They can conduct that process internally or with the help of third-party consultants, IATA Consulting or any other external providers.
  • This industry repository will only consider vendors which have been vetted by airlines. Indeed, a minimum of two endorsements from NDC certified airlines are required to complete the application for a vendor.
  • Each vendor, listed in the repository, will have filled-in a detailed questionnaire as part of their application. The questionnaire is common to all vendors and thus, the repository supports easy comparison between vendors and their offerings.

For more information: NDC Agency Portals Repository info sheet.

Contact Information and Application Form

Please note: IATA does not validate the content of the designated entities registered in the NDC Agency Portals Repository and it does not entail any kind of certification, validation or endorsement of (i) any aspect of the entity, (ii) the quality or other aspects of its activities or products, (iii) any commercial products that may be derived from the usage of NDC messages, or (iv) compliance with NDC message schemas. All users of the NDC Agency Portals Repository agree to comply with IATA’s competition law guidelines. Disclaimer and Terms of Use (pdf)