Type System Provider
Customer type Seller
Website https://drct.aero/
Product name DRCT
Contact details Anastasiia Lysenko, al@drct.aero
Partners Aegean Airlines S.A., Air Baltic Corporation AS, Air Dolomiti SPA L.A.R.E, Austrian Airlines AG, British Airways, Brussels Airlines SA/NV, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Discover Airlines GmbH, Emirates, Olympic Air S.A., POLSKIE LINIE LOTNICZE LOT SA., SWISS International Air Lines Ltd., TAP Air Portugal, United Airlines
Original entry date 2022-10
Expiration date 2024-10
Last changed 2023-10

A detailed list of certified capabilities and messages is available here.

Capabilities Validated

Capability Group Name Versions Entry Date
Order Create Order Without Payment 17.2 2022-10-27
Seller-Initiated Change to an Order Requiring a Reshop 17.2 2022-10-27
Order Information Upon Request 17.2 2022-10-27
Notification of Airline Initiated Changes on an Order 17.2 2022-10-27
Pay Pay Using Settlement Platform 17.2 2022-10-27
Pay for an Existing Unpaid Order or Order Items 17.2 2022-10-27
Shop Shop for Flights 17.2 2022-10-27

Messages Verified

Version Message Effective Date
17.2 AirShoppingRQ 2022-10-27
AirShoppingRS 2022-10-27
OfferPriceRQ 2022-10-27
OfferPriceRS 2022-10-27
OrderChangeNotif 2022-10-27
OrderChangeRQ 2022-10-27
OrderCreateRQ 2022-10-27
OrderReshopRQ 2022-10-27
OrderReshopRS 2022-10-27
OrderRetrieveRQ 2022-10-27
OrderViewRS 2022-10-27