Type System Provider
Customer type Seller
Product name Travelport+, JSON API & Smartpoint Cloud
Contact details Nenad Mihajlovic,
Partners United Airlines, Condor Flugdienst GmbH, Qantas Airways Limited
Original entry date 2021-12
Expiration date 2022-12
Last changed 2021-12

A detailed list of certified capabilities and messages is available here.

Capabilities Certified

Capability Group Name Versions Entry Date Confirmed live
Order Order changes through the Seller requiring a reshop 17.2 2021-12-15
Order changes initiated by the airlines with notifications 17.2 2021-12-15
Shop Shop for flights 17.2 2021-12-15

Messages Certified

Version Message Effective Date
17.2 AirShoppingRQ 2021-12-15
AirShoppingRS 2021-12-15
OrderChangeNotif 2021-12-15
OrderChangeRQ 2021-12-15
OrderReshopRQ 2021-12-15
OrderReshopRS 2021-12-15
OrderViewRS 2021-12-15

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