Ypsilon.net AG

Type System Provider
Customer type Seller
Website http://www.ypsilon.net
Product name Flightpro
Contact details Patrick Coulomb, pc@ypsilon.net
Partners Aegean Airlines S.A., Aer Lingus, Air Baltic Corporation AS, American Airlines, Austrian Airlines AG, Brussels Airlines SA/NV, Condor Flugdienst GmbH, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Discover Airlines GmbH, Emirates, Freebird Airlines, Iberia L.A.E S.A. Operadora, SOCIEDAD UNIPERSONAL, Marabu, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, Olympic Air S.A., Pegasus Airlines, SWISS International Air Lines Ltd., Singapore Airlines Ltd, United Airlines, Vueling Airlines S.A.
Original entry date 2022-04
Expiration date 2024-10
Last changed 2023-10

A detailed list of certified capabilities and messages is available here.

Capabilities Validated

Capability Group Name Versions Entry Date
Order Create Order Without Payment 17.2 2022-12-02
Order Creation With Instant Payment 17.2 2022-03-25
Pay Pay Using Customer Card 17.2 2022-03-25
Shop Shop for Flights 17.2 2022-03-25
Returns Flights Operated by Other Airlines 17.2 2022-12-01
Shop For or with Ancillaries 17.2 2022-11-28
Additional Airline Supplied Ancillaries (e.g. meals, WIFI, lounge, insurance, priority boarding, etc.) 17.2 2022-12-01
Seat Options 17.2 2022-12-01
Seat Map and Availability 17.2 2022-12-01
Seat Map and Price Points 17.2 2022-12-01

Messages Verified

Version Message Effective Date
17.2 AirShoppingRQ 2022-03-25
AirShoppingRS 2022-03-25
OfferPriceRQ 2022-03-25
OfferPriceRS 2022-03-25
OrderCreateRQ 2022-03-25
OrderViewRS 2022-03-25
SeatAvailabilityRQ 2022-12-01
SeatAvailabilityRS 2022-12-01
ServiceListRQ 2022-11-28
ServiceListRS 2022-11-28